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Heritage and COFFEELINE

In November 2009 the Organization installed a new integrated library management system that incorporates the entire range of media into a single, state-of-the-art, user-friendly information storage and retrieval facility.  The Heritage Library Management System was selected following extensive research to determine the optimal system to fulfil the section’s future needs and establish a flexible platform for the enhancement of information services.

The Organization’s principal research tool is the COFFEELINE database, a searchable online catalogue of material identified and processed by the Organization from 1973 through to the present.  Studies or articles on coffee or relevant to coffee are identified from a comprehensive range of journals and recorded along with details of books, reports, academic theses and other textual records, including ICO documents.  The database also incorporates a complete record of the Organization’s digital photo collection.  

Each reference consists of bibliographical details (author, page numbers etc.) and most of those added since 1980 have abstracts which summarize the information contained in the original.  COFFEELINE aims to cover the entire field of information on coffee and currently comprises more than 48,000 entries.